The Foot Stretcher

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The Foot Stretcher

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Safety First

THE-footstretcher™ was designed with safety in mind. Each feature serves a unique purpose that avoids applying unnecessary pressure to the heel and Achilles tendon. By working together, these features prevent irritation on the area.

Achilles Base

Avoids putting unnecessary pressure on the Achilles tendon once the leg is stretched. The extra space also allows you to stretch your feet further. 

Heel Pocket

Fits both your left and right foot, places them in the preferred winged position, and tucks your heel away from the calf muscle. The latter releases tension off of the Achilles tendon to avoid irritation. 


Acts as a shock absorber by flexing upwards when you stretch your foot. This helps avoid irritation and jamming of the calcaneus by transferring most of the pressure from the heel to THE-footstretcher™.

Foot-stretching finally done right!

Foot placement is key to achieving beautiful lines. While the heel pocket places your foot in a winged position, the handle lets you control the wing angle and how far you stretch. THE-footstretcher™ also allows you to stretch off the ground, giving you the possibility to feel your lines in different positions. This means you are always 100% in control over your foot-stretching experience. 

4 in 1

With a twist of the hand THE-footstretcher™ goes from being just an extraordinary foot-stretcher to becoming 4

Bring it everywhere

Thanks to its unique detachable design and lightweight materials, THE-footstretcher™ is the only foot-stretcher that’s truly portable. When folded, it easily fits into any dance bag. You can now stretch and massage your feet anywhere!  products in one. You can massage your feet with the specially designed foot roller, ease your muscles with the muscle massager, or even release muscle knots with the trigger point end.

Stretch in color!

Built with durable yet lightweight materials, THE-footstretcher™ is made to last. It also comes in three colors ready to match your vibes!

The Whole Package

Stretching your feet will make them more flexible, but in order to hold them in a pointed position you’ll need to strengthen them. To truly help your quest for better lines, foot exercises needed to be included. Enlisting the help of an athletic trainer, we created a comprehensive list of 60+ foot exercises and 8 workouts that come free of charge with THE-footstretcher™. We strongly believe that these exercises combined with THE-footstretcher™ will help you achieve great results.