Please Read The INformation Below Before Entering The Shop

This online shop was created specifically for the D&O Dance Studio and catalogs the authentic pride-wear and gear created just for you or your dancer. Every item within has been uniquely designed and chosen for the members or affiliates of the D&O Dance Studio Please use the information on this page to guide you while shopping our site, including our shipping policy and suggested care of your merchandise. We thank you for your loyal patronage and welcome calls or emails if you have any questions or concerns; see this page for our store hours. We can be reached via emailed at and phone at (201) 444-6175 during business hours.


The shipping agreement established between our company and the D&O Dance Studio administration requires direct delivery to your Studio. Please allow 2 to 5 weeks of lead time for us to prepare and deliver your items and note that if items are ordered that are back ordered this may amount to 5 weeks before delivery. If you are ordering your merchandise for a special event or occasion, please allow enough time for us to place and deliver the order within this system.

You will be asked to supply your home address upon checkout. This is for our records only, your items will be delivered directly to and the D&O Dance Studio marked off with your name and order number.

PLEASE Note that you will be charged a process and handling fee of $1.00 per line item and $1.50 per order, this covers some of our costs to process your order, pick your garment and appropriate transfer, place in the que to be heat pressed then complete the paper work and package to be shipped to your studio.

This is not a shipping cost and unfortunately on your receipt it is labeled as such, to date we have not been able to change that verbiage but the good people at Squarespace are working on it.


Every item ordered and purchased through the D&O Dance Studio online shop at The Dance Bag is customized just for you and as a result we will not be taking returns or exchanges on any purchase at this time. Please pay special attention to suggested sizes given by sizing charts on product pages and double-check the quantities, colors, and price before checkout.


All items are pressed with ink, stones and glitter. These items can last for years of trouble free wear if cared for properly. All items should be washed on the delicate cycle inside out with cold water. DO NOT put any of these items in the dryer. If you have any questions please contact us at The Dance Bag (201) 444-6175.