Sandy Cocuzza
Owner & Director

Sandy has 30+ years of business & management experience, lifelong dance experience, & devotion to the performing arts. Ballerinas travel far and wide to get fit in pointe shoes by Sandy, who is a bonafide expert!

Ron Cocuzza
Owner & Director of Operations

Ron has 40 distinguished years of managerial, business, & financial experience & has been an invaluable contributor to the growth of TDB. 

Alex Cocuzza
Director of TDB Designs

Alex is a professionally lauded & SVA educated photographer & graphic designer. He has grown up in our family business & is the founder of the flourishing TDB Designs division. 

Jade Jevnik-Cocuzza
Manager/ Co-Director of TDB Designes

Jade is a classically-trained professional ballet dancer, performing with globally acclaimed troupes (full bio). She also teaches ballet/pointe and is an expert in pointe shoe fittings.

Carrisa Cocuzza

Carrisa is our resident webmaster, and has grown up in this family business. She has over a decade of competitive dance experience, and is currently pursuing a career as a scientist. 

Alison Caricato
Floor Staff

Alison is a cherished team member who has been involved for years in the competitive dance world with her two daughters, Alexandra & Georgia. She has been a loyal member of TDB family for 3 years! 

Sal Bellomo
Floor Staff

Sal is a hard working member of the TDB team and has an accomplished interest in theatre in the performing arts. He is currently an undergrad at Montclair State, noted for directing his very own play last season! 


The Team

Every member of The Dance Bag team is cross-trained to perform tasks throughout the entirety of the business, and each person brings their own speciality and flavor to the prosperity of TDB, incorporated. See snapshot descriptions above for specializations. Our unified mission is to work diligently to bring you, our valued customer, inspired apparel that matches the spirit of the performing artist.