Please Note: The sizing charts are categorized by age range and type of garment, this may be matched with the item you are purchasing. Any additional questions regarding sizing may be addressed to a TDB representative directly at (201) 444-6175 during business hours, or via our email, You may also come to the dance bag to try on any garment to ensure a proper fit

Sizing Charts for all JACKETS, Leotards, Shorts, Bra, LEGGINGS & Long Tops

CHILD SIZE CHART: Jackets, Leos, Shorts, Bras, Leggings  and Long Tops

ADULT SIZE CHART: Jackets, Leos, Shorts, Bras, Leggings and Long Tops

Sizing Charts for all Sweats, Tee Shirts, & Slouch Tops

CHILD SIZE CHART: Sweats, Tee Shirts, and Slouch Tops

ADULT SIZE CHART: Sweats, Tee Shirts, and Slouch Tops

MEN'S SIZE CHART: Sweats, Tee Shirts, and Slouch Tops 



CHILD SIZING: Use Small (S), Medium (M), & Large (L) as appropriate

sizing charts for velocity shorts, warm up pantS, ribbed tank tops, FLARE TANKS, TIGER SLUBS AND EASE TANKS